An ESPG Lesson in Web Design

Table of Contents

Part 13: Automatic Redirection

Occasionally, you may have to move the location or your web page or portions thereof. Unfortunately, then, when someone tries the links to that page, the link is dead and the user gets an error message. In order to not strand our users, we can use the Automatic Redirect tag to redirect the user to the new page. You may write a quick message for the user to read, asking them to change their links to your page, and such, and tell them that they will automatically forwarded to the new address in just a few moments (you can specify the time interval until the redirection takes place). The following tag is used, and MUST BE PLACED DIRECTLY AFTER THE <HTML> tag!

<META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="3;URL=HTTP://domain/directory/file.html">

You can change the number 3 to the number of seconds you want the browser waits before it forwards.

Part 14: Other Sources of Information

There are many other sites with great information: