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Who studies the interstellar medium?

What is the Interstellar medium?

When did the interstellar medium develop?

Where is the interstellar medium?

Why study the interstellar medium?

How do we learn about the interstellar medium?

The ISM in depth:

What is the interstellar medium, in depth:

How do we learn about the ISM?

Satellites that study the ISM:

The Local Interstellar Medium:

What is the history of the interstellar medium?


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Nebula rating One Nebula = Good for all ages
Nebula ratingNebula rating Two Nebulae = Some higher-level background needed
Nebula ratingNebula ratingNebula rating Three Nebulae = Deep knowledge base required

Nebula rating

Astonomy HyperText Book: Interstellar Medium by The Electronic Universe Project

  • Animations are worth looking at if you have an MPEG player and some time to download them -- cartoon ways of looking at scattering
  • Other information is relatively brief
Nebula rating

Cosmic and Heliospheric Learning Center

  • Written for students of all ages
  • Gives a comprehensive view of many sun-related subjects, such as the heliosphere, cosmic rays, and the solar wind
Nebula rating

Cosmic and Heliospheric Learning Center: Ask Us

  • A team of astrophysicists and research scientists are standing by to answer your questions about particles in the heliosphere. (This includes: composition; magnetic fields (including those of the Sun and Earth); cosmic rays; plasma; acceleration; the Sun; solar wind; solar activity; space weather; current events about cosmic rays and the heliosphere; and the history of cosmic ray and heliospheric studies)
Nebula rating

NASA's Voyager Mission

  • Lots of interesting facts, not specifically aimed at kids, but understandable
  • Great source of info on many aspects of the Voyager missions
Nebula rating

NASA Photo Gallery, the source of most of the Images on these pages.

  • No specific ISM content, but Images are gorgeous to look at no matter what your age!
Nebula rating

Warp Drive When?

  • Great information; written for all levels
  • Some complex ideas in simple terms
Nebula rating Nebula rating

Interstellar Probe

Nebula rating Nebula rating Nebula rating

An introduction to the Heliosphere

  • For university students -- uses equations and not many pictures
Nebula rating Nebula rating Nebula rating

ISO (Infrared Space Observatory) Interstellar Medium Image Gallery

  • Some pictures like those at the NASA Photo Gallery
  • Many plots on abundances, etc.
Nebula rating Nebula rating Nebula rating

Interstellar Pathfinder

  • Transparencies (7) from a talk, in GIF or PostScript format
  • Aimed at researchers
Nebula rating Nebula rating Nebula rating

Len Fisk's Parker Lecture

  • 24 slides from the lecture; definitely higher-level!