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Technology is changing, and the ESPG is changing with it! The latest internet fad, Macromedia Flash, may be annoying for intro screens, but is a great tool for making web movies! The first in our new series, a movie on the Interstellar Gas and how we on earth can study it, is 1/100 the size of similar QuickTime movies. We will eventually convert all the QuickTime films into Flash, as downloads are incredibly fast and will thus allow our modem-based surfers the opportunity to view movies.

You will need the free Flash player to view this movie -- downloads are quick and easy from (Many browsers are already Flash-enabled, so you may not need to download the player.)

Interstellar Gas Movie summary: learn about how the sun's gravity affects the interstellar wind, allowing us to study it from Earth-orbiting satellites. For more information, visit the Interstellar Medium Learning Pages. File size: 137 k

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The Interstellar Gas Reveals Itself Through the "Giant Swing"

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Time of Flight Detector

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ACE: Advanced Composition Explorer

New! You can now view the entire ACE movie in one 1.87 meg Shockwave file, instead of downloading multiple QuickTime movies.

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