INCO 796: Cosmology and Our View of the World

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Summaries of Spring Semester 2011
in Chronological Order:

  1. Session 1: Introductory Class (Overview on Physical Cosmology)
    Lead: Eberhard Möbius (1/31/2011)
    Summary #1a. By William Altenburg
    Summary #1b. By Susan Dolan

  2. Session 2: Life as We Know it and its Evolution
    Lead: Thomas Davis (2/7/2011)
    Summary #2a. By Elora Demers
    Summary #2b. By Emily Pacetti

  3. Session 3: Mind and its Place in Nature
    Lead: Willem deVries (2/14/2011)
    Summary #3a. By Gina Chaput
    Summary #3b. By Chiara Dimou

  4. Session 4: Spirit, Mind, Body Connection & Spiritual Healing
    Lead: Christine Driessen (2/21/2011)
    Summary #4. By Claire McCahan & Christine Warden

  5. Session 5: The Dream of “Oneness of this world” - Plan for a search or dead-end street?
    Lead: Lukas Gessner & Sarah Nelson (2/28/2011)
    Summary #5a. By Ryan Keenan
    Summary #5b. By Eddie LaVilla

  6. Session 6: Asymmetry of Time I
    Lead: Eddie LaVilla & Eric McDonald (3/7/2011)
    Summary #6a. By Brianna Jean
    Summary #6b. By Sam Woodward

  7. Session 7: Buddhist metaphysics and its view of quantum mechanics
    Lead: Claire McCahan & Sam Woodward (3/21/2011)
    Summary #7a. By Tyler Kellerher
    Summary #7b. By Allison Wirshing

  8. Session 8: Asymmetry of Time II
    Lead: Brianna Jean & Christine Warden (3/28/2011)
    Summary #8a. By Joseph Lavoie
    Summary #8b. By Eric McDonald

  9.  Session 9: Life from non-Life? How, when, where, …
    Lead: Elora Demers & Ciara Dimou (4/4/2011)
    Summary #9. By Sarah vanHorn
  10.   Session 10: The Asymmetry of Existence (Is there a purpose? Significance of extraterrestrial life?)
      Lead: Susan Dolan & Rob Eaton (4/11/2011)
      Summary #10: By Anna Lornitzo
  11.  Session 11: Cognition vs. consciousness: Is there a difference between physical and phenomenal knowledge?
     Lead: William Altenburg & Ryan Keenan (4/18/2011)
      Summary #11: By Sarah Nelson
  12.   Session 12: Is there a reasonable form of monism?
      Lead: Anna Lornitzo, Emily Pacetti & Sarah vanHorn (4/25/2011)
      Summary #12: By Rob Eaton
  13.  Session 13: How did free will evolve?
      Lead: Matthew Gerding, Tyler Kellerher & Allison Wirshing (5/2/2011)
      Summary #13: By Lukas Gessner
  14.  Session 14: Are there limitations to science or is there a place for all-encompassing Scientism?
     Lead: Gina Chaput & Joseph Lavoie (5/9/2011)
      Summary #14: By Matthew Gerding