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Educational Outreach:

Projects of the Space Science Center of the University of New Hampshire, which feature astrophysics with invisible objects, are the target of an outreach effort at the institute. It is usually difficult to explain to the wider public abstract concepts behind phenomena such as the solar wind, acceleration of ions, and the fact that interstellar gas penetrates even into our solar system. Therefore, we have begun to translate simple physical processes, such as the pickup of interstellar ions and functional principals of our instrumentation, into short, cartoon-like movies which are accessed through the World Wide Web. To aid the public in visualizing the motion of the interstellar gas, the solar wind, and energetic particles through our solar system, we are also collaborating with the Christa McAuliffe Planetarium to prepare display modules that showcase these effects, as though we could see them. The outreach material is being produced with the help of undergraduate and graduate students at UNH, and is reviewed by high school students and teachers.

The University of New Hampshire's ACE Page also offers an Outreach section, with a lesson plan for middle or high school teachers, and more on the way.

Outreach Materials:

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Kid Stuff
Contains links and materials geared towards our younger readers, including NEW Java applet games, and a cut-and-paste model of the Advanced Composition Explorer.
The glossary defines the terms used throughout these pages, and is extensively hyperlinked.
These are QuickTime movies created by UNH students, to aid the viewer in understanding the concepts outlined on this site.
Interstellar Medium Online Tutorial
This online tutorial is suitable for learners of ages 10 and up, and may be reproduced for classroom or other use. It is an introduction to the Interstellar Medium, one of the subjects of investigation for many of the missions with which UNH has been involved. It is somewhat graphics-intensive, so modem users may wish to disable the automatic loading of images if they are more interested in the text.

Project SMART:

The Science and Mathematics Achievement through Research Training (SMART) program is an academic program designed for high school sophomores and juniors. Students meet for three and a half weeks at science research centers across the University, and are given the opportunity to explore, in depth, fields of science that are not generally offered in high school curricula. Fields of study in 1999 were Space Science, Marine Biology, and Biotechnology, while in previous years they have included the Environmental Sciences. Students involved in Project SMART research these sciences, and attend statistics and computer classes. The knowledge they have gained is then tied together in the form of a research project or paper. Space Science will be included in this year's SMART studies, so get your application in before March 2, 2001!

Student-made pages from 1999:

Student-made pages from 1997:

HTML Guide:

Written to aid SMART students` learning of HTML for a simple web page.