Picture of instrumentSULEICA

The SULEICA instrument on AMPTE/IRM measures the charge state and mass of all major ions from H through Fe for energies from about 5 keV to 230 keV. It does this using a combination of electrostatic deflection, a time-of-flight measurement, and an energy measurement in solid state detectors. The measurement technique is illustrated in figure 1. To see a photo of Dr. Möbius with the instrument, click here. The instrument characteristics are summarized below:

SULEICA Instrument Characteristics:
Energy Range 5 to 270 keV/e in up to 24 energy steps (mode dependent)
Energy Resolution (analyzer) dE/E 0.097
Mass-per-Charge Resolution dM/Q / M/Q 0.13
Geometric Factor 0.043 cm2-ster
Time resolution *see below
Angular resolution H+, He++ 16 azimuthal sectors
other ions 8 azimuthal sectors
View Angle in elev/azi 20°/ 5°

* The instrument measures one energy step per spin. Therefore the time resolution for a full measurement is the spin period (about 4.4 s) times the number of energy steps. The number of energy steps depends on the mode. Two common modes were 6 energy steps (10,20,40,80,160,226 keV) with a time resolution of 27 seconds, and 19 energy steps, with a time resolution of 84 seconds.

For more information, see:

Möbius, E., et al., The Time-of-Flight Spectrometer SULEICA for Ions of the Energy Range 5-270 keV/charge on the AMPTE IRM, IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sens., GE-23, 274, 1985.