Group Four

Constructing SWEPAM Ion and Electron

  1. SWEPAM (Solar Wind Electron, Proton, and Alpha Monitor) Ion:

    1. First score along the fold lines. Of the lines on the upper section of the main body, only the lines between the tabs and the main faces need to be scored, but all of the horizontal ones should be.

    2. On the lower section, score all vertical and horizontal lines, and cut through the small lines indicated at right. Also score the diagonal lines between the triangular faces and the tabs.

    3. To fold the instrument, follow the instructions below:

      1. First, fold along all the score lines as shown in the first photo. Note that there is one reversed fold in the diagonal portion (lower left hand corner of the photo).

      2. Apply glue only to the flaps indicated by arrows in the first photo.

      3. You should be able to fold the rectangular portions into a little box, as you can see in the second photo.

      4. For the wedge portion, glue the tabs directly adjacent to the triangle onto the remaining space left on the bottom panel. You should then be able to slip the other tabs into the slits in the box portion. You may apply glue here if you are so inclined, but it isn't strictly necessary.

    4. For the cylindrical portion, score the tabs, roll up the cylinder, and glue the circular flap down, as shown in the third photograph above.

    5. Apply glue to the other tabs, and set the cylinder on the slanted portion of the instrument.

  2. SWEPAM Electron:

    1. The box-portion of SWEPAM electron is constructed in the same manner as SWEPAM ion, and you can get a better look at it in the photos below.

    2. The long, striped face actually represents the cylindrical portion shown in the photograph.

    3. To construct the cylindrical portion, wrap the striped face into a circle, and glue the tab to the bottom portion, as shown in the third photograph. The tabs on the rounded face should help to shape the cylinder.

SWEPAM was built by the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. It is built from the spare solar wind electron and ion analyzers from the Ulysses mission, with selective modifications and improvements. For more information on SWEPAM, please visit

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