Finishing the ACE Model

  1. First, make sure that all of the parts have been built, and that they are in decent shape.

  2. Next, you may begin by gluing the non-instrument parts to the spacecraft -- these include the spacecraft components on the side panels, and the four small boxes (MAG MFI, S3 DPU, ULEIS Elec, and ULEIS DPU) on the +Z panel.

  3. Glue the instruments to the top and side panels where indicated. SEPICA should be positioned with its gridded face outwards, and SIS should have the large side of the wedge towards the inside. If in doubt, consult the pictures of the completed 1/16 scale model found on the UNH-SSG website.

  4. Finally, slide the Low Gain Antennas (+ and -Z) and the thrusters into their respective holes, and glue the High Gain Antenna into place in the reflector dish.

  5. You can hang the model by making a circle of a 1-meter-long piece of thread and hooking it around two opposite solar panels, so that four strands of thread (or two loops) are drawn upwards. Hang the completed model in a drafty but not windy part of your room, so that it is free to move without damaging the MAG booms, but doesn't get blown around too much.

If you have any comments about building this model -- things you liked, or things you'd like to see added or changed, your comments are welcome! Write to me at and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Your feedback -- positive or negative -- is greatly appreciated!

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