Touching The Limits Of Knowledge

Cosmology and our View of the World


Initial Meeting Minutes 1/26/98

Procedural Information:

The meeting began with a pleasant surprise. Professor Moebius (PEM) expressed his delight at the size of the class enrollment. Extra chairs had to be provided for the larger-than-anticipated enrollment. The class consists of a healthy mix of representatives from the humanities and sciences, professors, graduate students and undergraduates, as well as academics and other interested persons.

Extra copies of the syllabus were distributed and those taking the course for credit had their obligations briefly described by PEM. The participants introduced themselves, touching briefly on their background and/or reasons for enrolling in the class.

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Substantive Discussion:

What followed was a broad introductory discussion in which PEM and Professor Brockelman (PPB) laid out a few of the issues with which the class might be expected to grapple.












The class drew to an end with discussion from PEM focusing on the dualistic Greek view of time. Chronos, the order imposed by time was distinct from Horos, the quality of time.

Respectfully submitted from the shallow end of what looks to be a very deep pool…

Howard C. Murphy