Touching The Limits Of Knowledge
Cosmology and our View of the World

Sources of Models for God
Lead: Katrina Seylor & Adam Walsh
Summary by Steven Knight:

  1. What is a model of God? A model is an expression for a God.
  2. Do we create the models or do the models actually exist, independent of us?
  3. Religious vs. Scientific models
    1. religious models
      1. key icon or symbol
      2. provides a whole world view
      3. "Big picture"
    2. science models
      1. details of what is going on around us
      2. provides a smaller world view
      3. "little picture"
  4. God: a shell that has been created around the idea of god
  5. Models of God: provide an idea of meaning, a model of existence
  6. Is any of this real? Or is it just there for us to provide meaning?
  7. God is more than the cause of the universe and more than just a part of the universe
  8. Models of God vs. Models of existence
  9. God is an archetype?
  10. God is perhaps the soul of the people
  11. Mind/BODYduality
  12. Science: models of reality
  13. Religion: models of meta-reality
  14. These models place us in a context (provide a framework) and a set of behaviors
  15. Models help us define a way of life