Touching The Limits Of Knowledge
Cosmology and our View of the World


Inflation, Multiple Universes and Ends of the Universe
Lead: Michael Cleary & Christopher Black
Summary by Chris Karney:

Recently science has proven that our universe started about 14 billion years ago at a singularity known as "the big bang." Science goes on to say that this "big bang" marks the beginning of time as we know it.

But statements like this have bold implications and lead to questions not usually though of as scientific. Such as: Since the universe has a beginning, does it have an end? If nothing (pre big bang era) created something (our universe) once, can it do so again?

Theories for the end of the universe

Multiple Universe Theories

All though no one can prove that multiple universes exist, no one can disprove it either. Therefore theories have been created in multiple universes could exist.