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Note: The text and images on this page were originally publihed on the Florida Today Online Web Pages on the day of the launch

August 25, 1997
Boeing Delta 2 rocket launches NASA's ACE

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - A Boeing Delta 2 rocket blasted off at 10:39 a.m. EDT (1439 GMT) this morning from Cape Canaveral Air Station. NASA’s Advanced Composition Explorer successfully separated from the rocket 68 minutes into flight to begin its four-month journey to its operational station nearly a million miles from Earth.  

-Justin Ray 


NASA's Advanced Composition Explorer spacecraft is launched atop a Boeing Delta 2 rocket this morning at 10:39 a.m. EDT. Copyright © 1997, Delinda Karnehm and Malcolm Denemark, FLORIDA TODAY.
Captured from NASA TV, these views show the Boeing Delta 2 rocket during launch this morning from Cape Canaveral. Images copyright © 1997, FLORIDA TODAY.

Captured from NASA TV, these views are from a small engineering camera mounted on the Delta first stage. Images copyright © 1997, FLORIDA TODAY. 


Captured from NASA TV, these views show the Boeing Delta 2 launch vehicle during final preparations for launch, including an image from a special camera mounted on the rocket. Also seen is a fishing boat located in the restricted area off the coast of Cape Canaveral. Officials say it is moving out of the area. Images copyright © 1997, FLORIDA TODAY.

These images illustrate the Delta 247 mission and NASA's Advanced Composition Explorer spacecraft. At left, mission poster; Libration point description; artist's conception of ACE during science operations; ACE during final pre-launch testing; drawing of launch vehicle. Boeing and NASA images. 

Here are some Quick Time format MOV files of animation of ACE and launch 
Produced at 12 fps, 160x120 pixels, some with 8-bit 11KHz mono sound.  

Here is a audio recording of the launch - WAV format files were produced in 8-bit 11KHz mono sound. 
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