ACE Observations of the Bastille Day 2000 Interplanetary Disturbances

C. W. Smith, N. F. Ness, L. F. Burlaga, R. M. Skoug, D. J. McComas, T. H. Zurbuchen, G. Gloeckler, D. K. Haggerty, R. E. Gold, M. I. Desai, G. M. Mason, J. R. Dwyer, M. A. Popecki, E. Mobius, C. M. S. Cohen, R. A. Leske

Solar Physics, submitted 2001.


We present ACE observations for the six day period encompassing the Bastille Day 2000 solar activity. A high level of transient activity at 1 AU, including ICME-driven shocks, magnetic clouds, shock-accelerated energetic particle populations, and solar energetic ions and electrons, are described. We present thermal ion composition signatures for ICMEs and magnetic clouds from which we derive electron temperatures at the source of the disturbances and we describe additional enhancements in some ion species that are clearly related to the transient source. We describe shock acceleration of 0.3--2.0 MeV/n protons and minor ions and the relative inability of some of the shocks to accelerate significant energetic ion populations. We report the characteristics of <20 MeV/n solar energetic ions and <0.32 MeV electrons, attempt to relate the release of these particles to particular source regions, and use the post-ICME release of some particles to provide evidence of continued magnetic connection to the likely source region of the eruptions.

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