Fluctuations, Dissipation and Heating in the Corona

W. H. Matthaeus, G. P. Zank, R. J. Leamon, C. W. Smith, D. J. Mullan and S. Oughton

SOHO 7, submitted (1999)


Mechanisms for the deposition of heat in the lower coronal plasma are discussed, emphasizing recent attempts to reconcile the fluid and kinetic perspectives. Structures at the MHD scales are believed to act as reservoirs for fluctuation energy, which in turn drive a nonlinear cascade process. Kinetic processes act at smaller spatial scales and more rapid time scales. Cascade-driven processes are contrasted with direct cyclotron absorption, and this distinction is echoed in the contrast between frequency and wavenumber spectra of the fluctuations. Observational constraints are also discussed, along with estimates of the relative efficiency of cascade and cyclotron processes.

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