WebAssign UNH Student Information
Fall 2002


What is WebAssign?  It is a web-based homework delivery system. Your professor picks the questions, the computer will give each student a unique set of numbers in the question, and will grade your homework and let you know if it is wrong or right.  You can submit the entire homework up to 5 times (but not 5 times for each question). 


Why are we asking you to use WebAssign?  You need to do lots of problems (5-10 each week) and get feedback in order to become proficient with the material.  We donÕt have the staff to do that; WebAssign helps out.  The computer will grade some of your problems; we will grade some problems by hand.


How do you do WebAssign homework?  We recommend highly that you do this homework like any other: get a copy of the homework off WebAssign (so you can work with your own numbers), work out the answers on paper, and type in your answers all at once (not one question at a time).  If you donÕt understand why you got a problem wrong, ask for help, donÕt just keep typing in numbers hoping that you were just off by a bit.  Be sure to click on the Submit for Grading, otherwise your answers are not graded. Finally, in order preserve your already correct answers, click on Ņreview last submissionÓ and put in your new answers for the ones that were wrong, leaving in the already correct answers.  If you erase the correct answers, those problems will be graded wrong next time!


How do you login?  Launch your computerÕs internet browser and go to http://webassign.net/student.html.  Type in your login information on the left part of the screen.  If, for example, your UNH username is joeblow@cisunix.unh.edu you would login to WebAssign as follows:


Username:  joeblow

Institution: unh

Password: joeblow  (UNLESS you used WebAssign before Š then use your old password.  Your professor can look this up for you if you forgot it.)


Note that everything must be in small case.  If you donÕt know your username, ask the professor who has a list. (Everyone who registers for this class is given a cisunix account automatically if they donÕt already have one.)  If you have enrolled in the last few days in the class, you may not have an account yet.


What do I do next? Do the WebAssign tutorial assignment; this involves reading the tutorial and answering related questions.  Note that this assignment is essential Šotherwise you may make a technical error that will cause them not to get credit for their work (for example, how do you enter exponential notation?  Why shouldnÕt you use the back button on your browser?)


Common mistakes/questions and how to correct them:

1)    DonÕt forget to use small letters as you type in the username, etc.

2)    You are automatically assigned an account on cisunix if you do not have one. We can tell you what your username is. We need to use this account to insure that your username is unique.